At DuoPross we specialize in offering healthcare professionals a wide range of easy-to-use safety medical devices that protect against needlestick injury and exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

Baksnap Products
Baksnap® Retractable Safety Syringe is used for hypodermic injection. It's a non-reusable, auto-destructive, and 99% identical to the conventional syringe. The Baksnap® - Retractable Safety Syringe's operation is simple and it is easy to handle. In only two seconds the plunger can be pulled back, snapped, and the entire unit disposed of. Otherwise, the Baksnap® - Retractable Safety Syringe is used in the same way as the conventional syringe. Instead of recapping, by mere two-second operation time, lives are saved. Baksnap® - Retractable Safety Syringe has been developed to take place of the conventional syringe. This safety function is an intelligent invention, which provides the healthcare workers with a simple, easy-to-use, and high quality device.

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Product Line

Feature Benefit
  • Prevents needle-stick injury
  • Stops viral transmission
Changeable needle
  • Lower inventory and management costs
No recapping
  • Reduces exposure risk
99% identical to conventional needle
  • Minimum training only
  • Easy handling
  • User friendly
Safety mechanism
  • Non-reusable, self destruction when injection is complete
Commercial needle
  • No compatibility problems
No additional materials
  • Meets medical requirements
  • Low cost compared to other retractable syringes

Instruction for use:
Baksnap® - Retractable Safety Syringe 's operation is basically similar to the conventional syringe. The difference is that, after the needle is withdrawn from the patient's body, instead of re-capping, the plunger is pulled back completely until it reaches the rear end of the barrel. You will feel an obvious stop. Then snap off the plunger and discard both parts in an approved sharps container. This operation takes only two seconds. View Demo

Patent Information :
The Baksnap® - Retractable Safety Syringe is patented in USA, Germany, France, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, as well as many other countries, and is pending worldwide.

Product Safety, Certification, and Qualification :
The product and the companies have all passed qualifications required.
   1. ISO9001, ISO13485, and EN46001 have been granted as of March 2001
   2. CE 0434 has been granted as of March 2001
   3. FDA 510(K) approval.

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